Girlfriend’s Anatomy

Hello world! We are Dr. Jessica Jameson and Dr. Sara Kerley, and it seems an introduction is long overdue. Let’s be honest–we launched into this blog game over a year ago without much of a plan or clear direction. We knew we had something to say, yes, and we knew we wanted to do a blog, a podcast or maybe both. Many late night texts later, we are ready.

So welcome! Welcome to Girlfriend’s Anatomy, the blog and podcast where we dissect work, life, spirituality, and much more from the perspective of two women physicians navigating the prime of life. In the spirit of transparency, here are some of our goals: to work together on a creative outlet, to generate content that is unique and uplifting, to ultimately create a non-profit working to support widows worldwide, and of course, we want to meet Oprah and Rob Bell. (Please read and respond, Universe. Thx.)

Excuse this interruption in first person writing for a brief biography section…

Dr. Jessica Jameson is board-certified in Anesthesia and Pain Management. She shares a practice in North Idaho with a spine surgeon, and together they focus on patients who have failed previous treatments and surgeries. Jessica is a leader in her field, and she provides mentorship to women in her specialty nationwide. Her loves include her husband, her three children, and she finds joy through singing, skiing, fishing, and reading.

Dr. Sara Kerley is board-certified in Family Medicine, and after nearly 12 years in the Air Force, she has found freedom and life balance through Urgent Care work. Sara lives in South New Jersey with her husband and 2 boys, and she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and hanging out with her German Shepherd girl and orange tabby boy. Her most vivid dream involves living on an Alpaca ranch in Colorado, and she’s pretty sure that one day, it’s going to happen.

Aaaaannnnnd we’re back. We met on the first day of our intern year in 2005, in the auditorium at David Grant Medical Center, a hospital on Travis Air Force Base in California. It truly was love at first conversation, and we haven’t stopped talking since. Our friendship has spanned 1 marriage, 5 children, 2 residencies, 1 fellowship, 3 deployments, 2 separations from the Air Force, and 8 states. Having seen so much transition in our lives, we know how rare true friendship is, and believe me, we have our down payments ready for adjacent rooms in the assisted living center. In other words, to steal from our good friend Taylor Swift, we are never ever ever going to leave each other.

So that’s us! Stay tuned for our first podcast episode and future episodes on topics like “Making Friends as an Adult”, “Parenting Challenges”, “Woo Woo Medicine”, and the ever popular, much requested “Smashing the Patriarchy Whilst Raising Sons.” We promise our sense of humor on recordings is much better than the one you’ve seen trotted out here. In all seriousness, we can’t wait to bring you into our circle and hear your thoughts and ideas. We sincerely hope you’ll join us.

J and S

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