Episode 4: Owning Your Power

Well hello there, Friends!  So after a prolonged holiday break, we are back.  This episode was, in fact, recorded prior to Christmas, but laziness, travel, and a terrific viral upper respiratory infection prevented me from posting it.  (Look at those excuses!  See: “how not to own your power” ha!)  That said, I hope you had a beautiful holiday season, and I hope your transition into 2019 has been lovely.  This is going to be an excellent year, I can feel it.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “own your power”?  In this episode we discuss what it means to be powerful, authentic, and true.  We hope it reminds you that you are more than enough, that the world needs YOU, and that when you stand in your own power and gifts, amazing things can happen!

In addition to these serious matters, we also have a short discourse on natural deodorant.  Please provide your thoughts and recommendations, particularly re: all things body odor.

Sending blessings and happy listening!


Jess and Sara


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