Episode 6: Contentment

Note: We are so sorry that the previous version of this episode left something to be desired, technologically speaking.  We hope you’ll try out this new, improved, and properly synced Episode 6 and feel, well, contented.  xo

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need. -The Rolling Stones

I turned 40 last Saturday, and though I didn’t mourn the number as is culturally expected, I did find myself in a rather pensive mood as the date approached. I suppose the recognition that half my life (or more) has passed led me to ask, what am I to do with the second half?  

In truth, the first half of my life was spent in the land of wants—discovering wants, working hard to achieve and obtain and fulfill those wants, and examining life again and again to find that wants seem to come in endless supply.  To say I haven’t been the model of contentment is an understatement.

A never ending stream of wants leaves a person empty and sick. It isn’t what we need. Wants take us out of the present moment, out of gratitude, and into the reminiscent past or the ever sparkling future. Wants steal our joy by making us feel less than, our circumstances less than.

So here is what I need in the second half of my life: a grateful heart, a present mind, a family and friends to love and be loved by. Nothing more, nothing less.

In that vein, I give you today’s episode, a conversation about contentment, the things that block us, and the practices that cultivate a spirit of contentment. We hope you’ll find it useful, and we hope you’ll be in touch to let us know how you find your happy!


J and S

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